Appalachian Renegades

Southern Rock and Blues Fusion

Rock & Roll relies on its ancestors and Appalachian Renegades know their heritage. Pulling from all the greats, The Appalachian Renegades pay homage to their fore fathers and seek to take their craft into territory only a few have ventured into.  Come along on their journey.


Based in Asheville, NC Appalachian Renegades blend an old school gritty blues rock with big guitar riffs invoking the spirit of some of our favorite rockers from Stevie Ray Vaughn and Warren Haynes to Dan Auerbach and Jack White.  Fueled by Graeme Adams's vocal efforts and saxophone interludes, Cole Ford’s blistering guitar solos, and supported by the sonic back bone of seasoned professional drummer Blu Ramakis and the creative bass lines of Tink Lawing,  the band packs a punch right from the get go and keeps delivering the heat - dropping big rock song after big rock song. 

Formed in the summer of 2017 and taking a Do It Yourself approach, the band has close to 100 shows and self produced 2 EP’s as well as a 4 month long residency at the DFR Room in Brevard, NC in 2018. In 2019, Appalachian Renegades are poised to broaden their reach through regional touring and playing festivals in addition to playing their hometown of Asheville as much as possible.  Look out for the Appalachian Renegades as they come roaring into a venue near you in 2019.  You'll want to say you saw these guys before they made it big and time is running out!!!

Graeme Adams  Vocals -  Tenor Saxophone -  Guitar

Graeme Adams - Vocals - Tenor Saxphone - Rhythm Guitar

Graeme has had a love for music ever since the first Harry Belafonte concert he attended as a young boy with his mother.  From that day he knew singing and playing on stage would be his life’s passion.  He originally developed his passion for saxophone in the usual way through school, but continued playing through high school and college drawing influences from the New Orleans jam band Galactic's  powerhouse sax player Ben Ellman as well as rock saxophone giants like Clarence Clemons, LeRoi Moore, and Jeff Coffin and the illustrius Dick Parry from Pink Floyd.

Graeme started his professional music career in Atlanta in 2005 playing for a regional touring ska/punk band called the Disregardables where he was fortunate to be featured playing saxophone on the recording of their first full length album.  He spent 3 years touring the east coast and southern states.  From there he made the jump to front man, playing in the band Secret Weapon for 4 years.  He featured on vocals and saxophone and brought his guitar to the table to round out the sound.

Graeme then moved to Asheville in 2010 and has been steadily playing as a side-man and supporting player for numerous local acts in the blues and rock circuit. In 2017, he has become the creative force for the Appalachian Renegades by penning lyrics and music for most of the new original music being featured in their set today and has once again attained the stature of front man he has coveted so fiercely since his early childhood days.  He is guaranteed to provide an electric experience and make the crowd feel his journey!


Tink Lawing - Bass Guitar

A North Carolina native Tink Lawing has been pumping out the low end for over 30 years. Whether it be from playing trombone as his first instrument or playing bass guitar as his first love, he has developed a lifelong affinity for creating melodic and grooving bass lines.  He pulls inspiration from bass driven bands such as Rush and Primus as well as classic rock outfits like Yes and Cream.  He even calls upon the jazz/soul outfit Weather Report to give him his creative out of the box flair.


He has played in numerous bands like Axus and Severed Ties and been featured on recordings by the band Steep Winding Road and Redwood.  With Redwood, he had the pleasure of opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Doobie Brother.  Tink now brings his free flowing style of bass playing to Appalachian Renegades.  He and Graeme have featured in 3 previous bands together and their rapport together has given the band the creative kick it needs to make their live show something that fans will want to see over and over again.


Blu Ramakis - Drums

A New Orleans native Blu grew up with a jazz and blues foundation. Building his musical house filled with latin and country and finishing with rock.A touring and studio musician, Blu has toured the nation extensively from coast to coast as well as Asia and Australia. He's worked and shared stages with Heart, Bad Co., Motley Crue, Lita Ford, Aerosmith, Warrant, and Black Crows to mention a few. A few of Blu's influences and favs include Stewart Copeland, Gene Krupa, John Bonham, and Neil Pert. He now brings his professional talent and experience to the Appalachian Renegades and with his driving beats and high energy playing, he has already taken their sound to the next level.

A Bluism,
"There's never a drummer I don't learn from, good or bad. Either something to incorporate or something to never, EVER do."


Cole Ford - Lead Guitar

 For only being 29 Cole has already performed in a wide range of bands including Progressive Metal, Country, Rock and now Appalachian Renegades welcome him to the fold.