Appalachian Renegades

Southern Rock and Blues Fusion

Rock & Roll relies on its ancestors and Appalachian Renegades know their heritage. Pulling from all the greats, The Appalachian Renegades pay homage to their fore fathers and seek to take their craft into territory only a few have ventured into.  Come along on their journey.

Great appalachian rock with a bluesy soul to it. Sure to get any crowd rocking and enjoying themselves”
— Riyen Roots, Mountaintop Music Co. Host of Highland Brewing Co. Roots & Friends Jam

Appalachian Renegades at Gingers Revenge 11.17.2018

The Appalachian Renegade bring the party like no other. Performing an array of crowd pleasing rock covers ranging from Zeppelin to Soundgarden to Franz Ferdinand, these guys have the repertoire any rock n roller can enjoy. Their original tunes are the perfect balance of grit and melody that are weaved perfectly into their set. The energy and spot on musical choices that the Appalachian Renegades bring to the table make them an incredible band and a perfect choice for your venue! If you book the Appalachian Renegades a party is sure to ensue!
— Lyndsay Holmes - Music and Events Coordinator for Gingers Revenge Brewery and Tasting Room

The DFR Room 3.16.2018

Review: Clapton tribute show soars with rendition of ‘Crossroads’

Graeme Adams, who sang lead on a number of the best songs of the night and also played some mean saxophone, was the standout performer of the show.

editorial note* Graeme Adams sang vocals for Crossroads
— "Slow Hand Turns 70" John North, The Asheville Daily Panet April 13, 2015